Warren County Vote law enforcement center

New Law Enforcement Center and Courthouse

Vote August 7, 2018

The Problem

After 80 years of service, the current courthouse no longer meets the needs of the county with only 31,000 sq. ft., decaying infrastructure, limited remodeling options, failure to meet state codes, and lack of adequate space for necessary functions.

A Solution

Warren County Residents have the opportunity to vote on an 80,000 sq. ft. Law Enforcement Center and Courthouse that combines Sheriff’s Offices, 911 Communications, Booking and Inmate Detention, Law Enforcement and Emergency Services training facility, Emergency Management Office, County Attorney’s Offices, and Iowa District Court Services into one complex on the Square Law Enforcement Center in Indianola Courthouse in Indianola

What are the Costs?

Since the closure of the Jail in February 2018, we are currently transporting and housing an average over 40 inmates daily in other counties.  

What Can I Do?

Ensure your voice is heard by Voting August 7, 2018

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