Above are conceptual images of what the new structure could look like.  The trees are included so you can see how it looks since the plan is to preserve as many trees as possible.  The architects are working on blending both the character of the existing square, with the functionality of a modern building in a historical setting. 

As you take a look at the conceptual  view from above, the new facility does take more of the north and south portions of the square.  We gain back green space on the west, where the sheriff's parking is today.  

Larger - The proposed Law Enforcement Center and Courthouse includes an estimated  80,000 sq. ft. as compared to the current courthouse(31,000 sq. ft.).  The increased size is projected to meet the usage needs for 30 years.  With planned additions, the facility can grow even more.  

These growth projections are based on input from the Courts, County Attorney, Sheriff, Emergency Management and Shive-Hattery, the project architect.  

The design also includes 35-40 secure, off-street parking spaces for people working in the facility.  A parking study is also being planned for long term growth.

Expansion Courts - The design incorporates several expansion options.  Constructed initially with 4 Jury Courtrooms, unfinished space is included to add 2 more courtrooms when needed.  This "shell" space, offers flexibility as needs change over time.

Expansion 1 Jail - Constructed initially with 15 holding beds and 72 inmate housing beds, we can expand 16 beds by installing additional bunks (88 inmate housing beds total). This first expansion can be completed with minimal impact to the operating jail with minimal expense.

Expansion 2 Jail - A planned addition can be built in the future onto the northwest corner of the new Law Enforcement Center adding 32 inmate housing beds (120 inmate housing beds total).  This planned addition is designed into the structure now to minimize construction impact and expense in the future.

Expansion Future - if even more  space is needed beyond the options above, 31,000 sq. ft. can be built on a new third floor.  While this is incorporated into the structure, it's unclear when or if this expansion would be needed.  Having this capability built-in now will save expansion cost in the future.